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Extensive Guides and Troubleshooting

First of all lets put this project concept on the table; the idea is to generate a fully featured web application through PHP code only and where necessary a bit of HTML for custom popups and grid outputs. This means that there are several resources delivered (most notably ExtJS) and your code is under full control of this technology.

Surprisingly it takes only a few lines of code to have a fully operational system which is capable of managing a database with grid style data output from the input forms. The system predicts your every need generating database tables where not found and putting code in place for those areas that you might need to configure yourself.

File and Folder Naming Conventions

If you have an application generated with the category Content with a link name of Announcements then you would need a folder and file such as content/announcements.php. In every day life this actually makes perfect sense because you are essentially navigating in your development environment as you would in the web application.

This cuts down on the amount of code needed to get a system up and running and uses common sense over control in order to finalise the required filesystem layout.

Bare Bone Requirements

From the Developers page you can see some neat code examples that would run a fully featured administration system with no problems at all. The database tables are generated when required and meaning the input forms are fully operational and once some data has been entered the output grids would start to show important information entered via the forms.

But what is actually going on here. Lets dive straight in and analyse the 3 key components:

Lets imagine you have started a project named Customer Relations Management and you want to have a way of managing customers by entering them in via forms and reviewing the data when a phone call comes in. First, you would need a CRM.php file which would generate the decorator file in the form of an administration system which in turn defines categories and pages which would be navigated to and from. If you define a category of Customers with a file New Customers then you would need to have a folder named customers and a file named newCustomers.php in the root of your CRM.php file. Essentially the system is predicting where to look for its code when you define what the application layout should be.

Simple enough but what if things change? Well, if you decide Customers should be Clients after a month or so the application file layout would need changing from the folder customers to clients and everything will run smoothly. However, if you decide to change New Customers to Add a Customer you would need to change the newCustomers.php to addACustomer.php plus modify the database table name in order to retain the information already entered. Simple enough, but worth noting from the start so that no big issues arise further down the line.